Description of Research:

Topics of Interest:

1. Thin Film Nanocomposites

2. Thin Polymer Films

3. Organic Electronics

4. Polymer Dynamics

5. Electrorheological Fluids

Polymer Chain Dynamics

polymer dynaics

The glass transition temperature is one of the most important physical quantities in polymer science. Although the term has been introduced many decades ago, the generic physical picture still remains unclear. Initially defined as a macroscopic quantity that can be measured from change in volume, heat capacity, viscosity, etc., the glass transition and dynamics problems in microscopic scale has drawn intensive interest in recent years. With both scientific and application significance, our group is interested in the glass transition and dynamics problems of confined polymer systems, such as thin films, nanocomposites, polymer brushes, porous and micellar structures, etc., as well as the effects of enthalpy and entropy of these systems in determining and tailoring the glass transition temperature and chain dynamics.