Description of Research:

Topics of Interest:

1. Thin Film Nanocomposites

2. Thin Polymer Films

3. Organic Electronics

4. Polymer Dynamics

5. Electrorheological Fluids

Thin Film Nanocomposites

NPs in copolymer



We are interested in the design and fabrication of bulk and thin film organic and hybrid,¬† organic/inorganic, materials with “tailored” morphologies, for applications¬† that include energy conversion, organic electronics, coatings, and sensors. We use techniques such as atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy in order to in investigate the effect of host chains and polymer ligands on the disperision of metallic nanoparticles in a polymer matrix. We are also interested in how the disperision of metallic nanoparticles influences the properties of the polymeric material, which are essential in the design of devices such as devices for energy conversion, organic electronics, coatings and sensors.



NP dispersion
dispersion of np